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A unique approach to partners selection

The power of  Online Marketing Techniques to select the most precise target audience to find the right partners.

Let us do the advertising and select the results for you.

Never again waste your precious time and efforts to find the right partner.


We check that our singles have a very good cultural background and are brilliant conversationalists

We accept only wealthy people that enjoy their money and are not selfish

We want our singles to be travelers and have a vast knoweledge of the world, first-hand

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How we find brilliant partners for smart singles


Social Media platforms like facebook offer marketing tools with unparalleled powers. All potential partners are on these networks and can receive precise offers, targeted to their specific needs. We market you to your best partners.

You are the product

We treat you as a luxury product and 'sell' you to the best potential partners on social networks. We know all the techniques to promote and sell anything online, and use them to offer you in the most effective and productive way.


We process all the results from your marketing campaign and select only those prospecting partners that best suite you. Do not waste your precious time and efforts; just meet pre-selected brilliant and committed potential partners.

Some of our singles

we select only brilliant, happy and smart people

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I never have time. I work a lot and have a very busy schedule, so I really appreciate DeluxeSingles's approach that saves me time and efforts. I met fine ladies in a relaxed and efficient fashion.
I was fed up with simple dating sites that offer you hordes of simple men only interested in easy sex. I met the love of my life easily and safely. Thank you DeluxeSingles!

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